Friday, February 17, 2012

Authors Guild Confronts Amazon For Over Pricing

The gloves are starting to fly off, Authors Guild now confronts Amazon for over pricing their books in a blog post release yesterday. A portion of of the blog post is below;

"Amazon’s reward for developing the wireless e-reader should have been that it would become a significant vendor of e-books and earn a profit commensurate with the value it added to the publishing ecosystem. Whether it would then continue to be a significant e-book vendor should have depended on whether it continued to innovate and provide good service to its customers. Amazon’s reward should not have included being able to combine its wireless e-reader, deep pockets, and an existing dominant position in a related, but separate, market — the online market for physical books — to prevent other vendors from entering the e-book market. Amazon’s reward as an innovator, in other words, shouldn’t be getting to wall itself off from competition." CLICK HERE to read the full story.

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